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Data and expertise to reveal the true environmental impacts of agricultural supply chains

We develop data solutions that change our understanding of how agriculture impacts the environment.

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Our team of sustainability experts support food manufacturers, agricultural commodity traders, financial institutions, NGOs and government agencies to understand their land conversion risks and reduction opportunities using best-available data.

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Land conversion data

Farm-level assessment

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Climate strategy

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rigorous insights.

“As part of our commitment to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities, Louis Dreyfus Company’s Carbon Solutions Platform is driving forward the company’s decarbonization journey.

The AdAstra team is supporting us by translating our sourcing data into best-in-class, scientifically rigorous insights on land-use change emissions within our value chains.”

— Meinrad Bürer
Global Carbon Technical Director
 at Louis Dreyfus Company

Our product

See your land conversion hotspots like never before

Whether you have traceability to the farm or no traceability at all, Orbae has insights.

Orbae starts on the ground, calculating the carbon emissions from land conversion driven by agriculture at a resolution of 30 meters. Its pixels combine to reflect any land area in the world — a farm, a country or anywhere in between.

As your traceability improves, your data evolve in parallel.